Acoustic Baritone Guitar

Acoustic Baritone Guitar
The Baritone Feeling

The baritone steelstring guitar gives you an intense feeling from the low registers. This guitar will expand your musical horizon. So you can reach the very lower regions. The tuning is regular but the 6th string is a B or even an A. But feel free to use other open tunings. You will be surprised.
The woods
I used a cedar top, excellent choice for this type of instruments. The sides have a double construction, maple inside and rosewood outside.  The back is also double.  So the body is very stiff for great projection and an excellent sustain. I really love the combination Rosewood and a cedar top.
The neck is mahogany with two ebony inlays. Also an option for a maple neck. I used a raised fingerboard, that gives stiffness over the whole fingerboard.
12 String Baritone
The baritone is also possible in a 12 string version. This will give you the lower sonic world in combination with a wide range of overtones. 

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Back & Sides





Top nut widht

Upper bout


Lower bout

Body lenght


Indian Rosewood

Double back and sides

Mahogany or maple


71 cm


28,5 cm

25,0 cm

40 cm

50 cm
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